Amazing Factory Productions, is a Vancouver, BC based production company of four family members: siblings, Joseph and Amanda Schweers, as well as their cousins, Joshua and his brother Andrew Huculiak. The company is centered around three award-winning filmmakers – Joseph, a graduate of the Digital Film program at Ai Burnaby, Joshua, a graduate of the Film Production program at VFS, Andrew, a multi-award winning student filmmaker, and Amanda, the manager with extensive event and project management experience.

Andrew is an experienced and gifted filmmaker. While he spends most of his current time working to further his career as the drummer for We Are The City, Andrew still retains a passion for movies and has realized a dream in directing a feature film. 


Joe works professionally in the film industry as a cinematographer and editor. He is currently involved as a cinematographer on a feature length documentary called 'Midway' that premiered at TIFF. He enjoys studying and practicing new techniques in film making and strives to approach each project with an honest and creative eye.


Josh has spent most of his professional career finding projects that take him around the world; which recently includes award winning tourism videos and documentaries in Australia, New York, Montreal and London. Using this experience he works closely with AFP to produce each project.



Amanda lends creative input to AFP's projects, but mainly leads with all things project management, grant writing, networking, and organizing. She spent almost 7 years at an executive role with a provincial non-profit music association, and for the past 4 years has been working for an international talent booking agency. She has been an artist manager, and a consultant to many acts in the BC music community.